Need a stable supply of biomass fuel? Biomass Fuel Co., Ltd.



With our intellectual know-how of biomass fuels as the source of our corporate competitiveness, we are furthering the development of next-generation biomass fuels.

We are pelletizing raw materials found throughout countries around the world using a semi-carbonization manufacturing system (international patent filed) developed using special technology.
Compared to conventional wood pellets, the energy density (amount of energy per volume) is higher allowing for uses similar to that of coal.

Torrefaction technology

Renewable energy is attracting attention in today's global society, and initiatives to address environment issues such as further CO2 reduction are necessary.
With such trends, great expectations are growing for the next generation of biomass fuels.
Torrefaction (semi-carbonization) technology is of particular notability. Torrefaction technologies around the world have had high manufacturing costs until now, meaning they were not viable for use in conventional power plants.
More than ever, we are working on developing the technology to manufacture high quality torrefaction pellets at a low cost using our unique technological innovation.

Primary Raw Materials of BFP

  • Logs

    Logs from a various types of tree, and timber waste, etc.

  • Wood Chips Fog Fuel

    Tree bark that has debarked during the timbering of logs.

  • Dust

    Powdered wood waste generated during timbering of logs and the manufacture of wood chips.

  • EFB

    Empty fruit bunches obtained after the palm oil is extracted.

  • Bagasse

    Residue obtained after extracting sugar cane.

  • Palm Trunks

    Part of the trunk from palm trees.