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Biomass Fuel Compliance

We recognize that our raison d'etre is "To aim for an environmentally friendly, recycling-oriented, society through biomass fuel" and "To fulfill corporate social responsibilities through sound management".
We are thoroughly informed throughout the entire group to promote compliance and strive for sound and continuous business development.

Basic Concept of Compliance

Our Group considers the importance of corporate ethics and the soundness of management to be two halves of a single important management issue.
To continuously improve our corporate values and to further improve our reliability, we have established an organizational and management structure to practice and promote these.
In addition to promoting business activities complying with all relevant laws and regulations, and thoroughly conducting our actions based on our corporate ethics, we strive to realize fair and transparent management.

Organizational Management System

The board of directors consists of five members, including outside directors who serve on a non-permanent basis.
In addition to regular monthly board meetings, an extraordinary board meeting is flexibly convened as necessary to deliberate and decide on important matters concerning management.
The status of business execution is also reported, providing us with a system that allows for quick management decisions.